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If you have several view models on one page, how do you ensure that you can keep them synced? For example, if one item is added or a button clicked on one view model and you want the other view model to be sensitive to that change, can Knockout manage this natively or is it better to use some messaging or pub/sub architecture.

I want to stay away from having to manage observables between models.

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Knockout 2.0 does include functionality that lets you do basic pub/sub. Here is a sample where two view models communicate through a mediator.

var postbox = new ko.subscribable();

var ViewModelOne = function() {
    this.items = ko.observableArray(["one", "two", "three"]);
    this.selectedItem = ko.observable();
    this.selectedItem.subscribe(function(newValue) {
        postbox.notifySubscribers(newValue, "selected");

var ViewModelTwo = function() {
    this.content = ko.observable();
    postbox.subscribe(function(newValue) {
        this.content(newValue + " content");
    }, this, "selected");

ko.applyBindings(new ViewModelOne(), document.getElementById("choices"));
ko.applyBindings(new ViewModelTwo(), document.getElementById("content"));

The first view model notifies through the postbox on a specific topic and the second view model subscribes to that topic. They have no direct dependency on each other.

Certainly the postbox would not need to be global and could be passed into the view model constructor functions or just created inside a self-executing function.

Sample: http://jsfiddle.net/rniemeyer/z7KgM/

Also, the postbox could just be a ko.observable (which includes the ko.subscribable functions).

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this looks great, thanks. –  jaffa Mar 27 '12 at 15:58
@RP Niemeyer - What is the difference between ko.subscribable and observable? –  Ryan May 17 '12 at 14:47
ko.subscribable is a base "class" that observables and computed observables get functionality from. It provides the basic pub/sub features that both observables and computed observables use. –  RP Niemeyer May 17 '12 at 15:28
Is it possible to get the return value from the method we are calling? Ex var result=postbox.notifySubscribers(newValue, "methodReturnsValue"). I have explained it in this question –  Billa Mar 3 at 11:59

You seem to be driving toward contradictory goals. The way you would do that in Knockout is to create observables, but yet you don't seem to want that.

If you have Foo and Bar objects with observables, you may not want observables on Foo that interact with bar or vice-verse, but why not have a Widget that watches Foo and Bar and mediates?

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What about the situation where you have a search box model on every page? You want to tell all other models to re-bind using the text in the search. Every page will have the search box model, but a different view model on each page. –  jaffa Mar 27 '12 at 15:27

I have created a small extension to solve this problem for a recent project of mine. Slightly similar in methodology, but adds subscriptions to the published observable directly, and will queue up subscribers if declared prior to the declaration of a published observable.

Knockout PubSub

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