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I'm trying to use deform as part of pyramid and have no trouble getting fully editable or fully read-only forms, but I can't seem to find a way of creating a read-only text input field. The following code does not do what I want, but I think you should be able to see what I'm trying to do:

class UserSchema(colander.MappingSchema):
    first_name = colander.SchemaNode(colander.String())
    last_name = colander.SchemaNode(colander.String())
    username = colander.SchemaNode(colander.String())
    password = colander.SchemaNode(colander.String())
    email = colander.SchemaNode(colander.String(), validator=colander.Email())
    organization_name = colander.SchemaNode(colander.String(), widget=deform.widget.TextInputWidget(readonly=True))
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Use the readonly template:

organization_name = colander.SchemaNode(colander.String(), missing='', widget=deform.widget.TextInputWidget(template='readonly/textinput'))

You have to define a missing value, otherwise the validation fails.

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