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I have this query with many left joins and a inner join with dates. I need to group by id_art (from articles_art) and date_dat (dates_dat). The problem is that is really slow. it takes 3second for 1000records. dates_dat is indexed in dates_dat table and id_art is a primary key of articles_art. What can I do to optimize this query?

    id_art, image2_art, video_art, website,
    text.title_int, text.intro_int, text.text_int, text.extra_int,
    dat.date_dat, dat.date2_dat,
    articles_art AS art
    LEFT JOIN internText_int AS text ON text.idart_int = art.id_art
    INNER JOIN dates_dat AS dat ON art.id_art = dat.idart_dat
    LEFT JOIN spaces_spa As spa ON spa.id_spa = dat.idspa_dat
    LEFT JOIN spaces_spa As spa2 ON spa.id_spa = dat.idspa2_dat
    LEFT JOIN times_tim AS tim ON tim.iddat_tim = dat.id_dat
    LEFT JOIN articles_products_artprd AS artprd ON artprd.idart_artprd = art.id_art
    LEFT JOIN products_prd AS prd ON prd.id_prd = artprd.idprd_artprd
    LEFT JOIN cater_cev AS cev ON cev.idart_cev = dat.idart_dat
    LEFT JOIN categories_cat AS cat ON cat.id_cat = cev.idcat_cev
    LEFT JOIN targets_trg AS trg ON trg.id_trg = art.idtrg_art   
    prd.id_prd in (1,2)
    AND validated_art = 1
    AND text.idlin_int in (1,4)
    id_art, date_dat
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Can you post the explain plan? –  ruakh Mar 27 '12 at 15:20
indexes are the key to performance in a select query - adding an explain from your query will help identify where you are lacking indexes. –  ManseUK Mar 27 '12 at 15:26
How the explain of the query should help? I see the possible_keys, key, ref, rows and extra but I don't know how this can help me. Can you explain me? thanks –  Pietro Mar 28 '12 at 7:01

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Look like you can put an index on these columns


Test this first then if this does not work put indexes on column conditions on the ON clause

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If data latency isn't an issue, can you hive the data off (perhaps overnight?) into a single normalised table? That way you query a single table without all those JOINS. You could even apply indexes to help speed things up further.

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the join is not the problem, because with only joins it takes 7-10ms. The problem is group by. –  Pietro Mar 28 '12 at 6:54
Ah, OK. Assuming latency is not an issue, could you normalise the GROUP BY data overnight? –  Phil Mar 28 '12 at 13:40

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