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I developed a Repository component targeting the .NET 4 Framework that uses EF. In my EF I use tables already existing in the Database.

In the Database I have 4 tables representing entities and 3 association tables (the relationships between the entities are all many-to-many)

However these tables at Database level do not have any relation between each other. Since I do not have rights to modify the Database, I added the relations directly in the EF. I named them, I specified the navigation properties and then I successfully compiled and tested the project.

Now I have to reference this Repository project from a Web application using the .NET 3.5. Therefore also the Repository project must reference the .NET 3.5.

I correctly copied the connection string from the Repository project to the web.config, I compiled the project gives me a compile error saying that there is

"no mapping specified between EntitySet/AssociationSet"

and then lists the relationships between tables/entities.

I guess this error is given because there are no associations at Database level. How can I solve this issue without having to rewrite all my code?

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You cannot use an EF 4 EDMX in EF 3.5 period. You can, however, use an EF 3.5 EDMX in EF 4, but the EF 4 designer won't understand it.

One possible fix is to make your EF 4 project an out of process server.

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Thanks. What about deleting the edmx, set the project to target the 3.5 and create the edmx again? Will it do the job? –  CiccioMiami Mar 28 '12 at 8:10
I don't know if that works. –  Craig Stuntz Mar 28 '12 at 12:44
It worked but now it gives me an error with Closures. It seems it has a little problem with the Any() method –  CiccioMiami Mar 28 '12 at 12:47

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