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or more specifically, please recommend me some name conventions for URIs designed to delete and update resources. What I am using is something like "POST resource/id/delete" and "POST resources/", but I am there must be better ways to do that. Thanks.

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Since HTML does not support HTTP DELETE, you can POST to the resource, say, /resources/13 with a query string parameter to define the intent: POST /resources/13?_method=DELETE HTTP/1.1

In the case of updating a resource, you could do POST resources/13?_method=PUT HTTP/1.1, assuming of course that your intent will match the proper semantics of PUT, which is to place a complete and entire entity at the specified URI.

A very important thing to remember is that 'delete' is not a resource, and so it makes no sense to have a resource identifier for it. Delete is a verb, which is what HTTP methods are for. Of course, we can all hope that one day HTML will support HTTP entirely instead of just some arbitrary verbs.

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