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Is it possible to get the word under the mouse cursor in a <textarea>?

I have seen this question asked many times regarding text in <p> tags or similar html output tags, such as here, but the <span> based solution doesn't work with a <textarea>, for obvious reasons.

One approach I have considered is to fire a jQuery click() event to place the cursor and then use something like Tim Down's answere here to get the current word based on the cursor location. But a click() event doesn't seem to place the cursor at all.

So that answer would be sufficient as well. How do I mimic a click event within a <textarea> so as to place the cursor at the current mouse position?

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You could have a look at HTML5 CONTENT EDITABLE, this would help you to merge the first link you gave in your question and get your solution

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Sorry, not really understanding. What should I do with this link? – kenbellows Mar 27 '12 at 18:12

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