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Modifying .NET Dictionary while Enumerating through it

i have a dictionary object when i iterate over and do some operations. Based on a condition i should either delete or keep the keyvalue pair i am currently iterating over. What is the best way to delete a keyvaluepair from a dictionary while iterating over it? I tried to use a separate dictionary object to keep track of the elements to delete but im not sure how to then use it to delete from my main dictionary or if thats even the most efficient way to do it


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Keep a list of the keys you wish to remove as you find them. Then, when you are done, iterate over this list, calling myDictionary.Remove(key) on each key you stored.

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that would mean 2 iterations, one to get the files to delete and other to delete the items, why not just copy the items you don't want to delete to the other dictionary? –  Euclides Mulémbwè Mar 27 '12 at 15:41
@Euclides - I'd honestly not thought of that. Without a compelling reason to end up with the same dictionary, modified, I'd expect that to be more efficient in most cases. –  Rawling Mar 27 '12 at 15:48

try using a separate dictionary and instead of marking the key value to delete insert da key values that you want to keep and at the and of the iteration do this: old_map = new_map.

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