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Basically I want to move files to another server on creation preserving the directory structure. I have a solution put it lacks elegance. Also I feel like I'm missing the obvious answer, so thanks in advance for your help and I totally understand if this bores you.

The situation

I have server with limited disk space (let's call it 'Tiny') and a storage server. Tiny creates files every once in a while. I want to store them automatically on the storage server and remove the originals when it's safe. I have to retain the directory structure of tiny. I don't know in advance how the dir structure looks like. That is, all files are created in the directory /some/dir/ but sudirectories of this are created on the fly. They should be sotred in /other/fold/ on the storege server preserving the substcrutre under /some/dir. E.g:

/some/dir/bla/foo/bar/snap_001a on tiny ---> becomes /other/fold/bla/foo/bar/snap_001a on the storage server. They are all called snap_xxxx wgere xxxx is a four letter alphanumeric string.

My old solution

Now I was thinking to loop over files and scp them. Once scp is finished and returns without error the files on tiny are removed with rm.

# This is invoked by a cronjob ever once in a while.

files=$(find /some/dir/ -name snap_*)

for current in $files; do
   name=$(basename $current)             # Get base name (i.e. strip directory)
   dir=$(dirname $current)               # Get the directory name of the curent file on tiny
   dir=${dir/\/some\/dir/\/other\/fold}  # Replace the directory root on tiny with the root on the storage server
   ssh -i keyfile myuser@storage.server.net \
     mkidir -p $dir                      # create the directory on the storage server and all parents if needed
   scp -i keyfile $current myuser@storage.server.net:$dir$name \
     && rm $current                      # remove files on success

This however strikes me as unnecssarily complicated and maybe error prone. I thought of rsync but when coping single files, there is no option to create a directory and it's parents if they don't exist. Does anyone have an idea, better than mine?

What I ended up using after this thread

rsync -av --remove-sent-files --prune-empty-dirs          \
      -e 'ssh -i /full/path/to/keyfile'                   \
      --include="*/" --include="snap_*" --exclude="*"     \
      /some/dir/ myuser@storage.server.com:/other/fold/

More recent versions then the one I was using take --remove-source-files instead of --remove-sent-files. The former being more of a telling name in that it's clearer what files are deleted. Also --dry-run is a good option to test your parameters BEFORE actually using rsync.

Thanks to Alex Howansky for the solution and to Douglas Leeder for caring!

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Don't rsync single files, rsync the root of your tree. it will figure out what's changed, only copy the new stuff, and will create all the subdirs automatically. –  Alex Howansky Mar 27 '12 at 16:04
Thanks, but I'm afraid it's more complicated thatn that: How do I tell rsync just to copy the snap_xxxx files? How do I change the direcotry root? How do I delete the originals on Tiny after transfer to the storage server? –  con-f-use Mar 27 '12 at 16:06

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How do I tell rsync just to copy the snap_xxxx files?

See the --include option.

How do I change the direcotry root?

Just specify it on the command line.

rsync [options] source_dir dest_host:dest_dir

How do I delete the originals on Tiny after transfer to the storage server?

See the --remove-source-files option.

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I think you mean --remove-source-files ? –  Douglas Leeder Mar 27 '12 at 16:24
Whoa, weird. --remove-sent-files works fine but is not documented. Maybe it's an old option that got renamed but left in for backward compatibility? I'll update the answer in any case. –  Alex Howansky Mar 27 '12 at 16:28
Reading the changelog, looks like it was deprecated in 2.6.9, but it's still functional. –  Alex Howansky Mar 27 '12 at 16:35
That looks good. Also see --verbose and --dry-run for testing. –  Alex Howansky Mar 27 '12 at 16:48
I think you need to say --include='*/' --include='snap_*' --exclude='*' --prune-empty-dirs (include folders, snap_* files, and exclude everything else, as well as directories that turn out not to have snap_* files in them). –  ams Mar 27 '12 at 20:38

Maybe something like:

touch /tmp/start
rsync -va /some/dir/ /other/fold
find /some/dir -type f -not -newer /tmp/start | xargs rm
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