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Hello my main issue is how to use MKAnnotationView to set a custom pin image for all my coordinate points.

For reference, I've went ahead and hardcoded values that I will normally be calling down from a json webservice call. Heres an example of a hardcoded trails:

CLLocationCoordinate2D[] trail1 = new CLLocationCoordinate2D[]{
new CLLocationCoordinate2D(10.74812, -97.330277),
new CLLocationCoordinate2D(10.74501, -97.350277),
new CLLocationCoordinate2D(10.74912, -97.340277),

CLLocationCoordinate2D[] trail2 = new CLLocationCoordinate2D[]{
new CLLocationCoordinate2D(10.84812, -97.331277),
new CLLocationCoordinate2D(10.94501, -97.352277),
new CLLocationCoordinate2D(10.14912, -97.343277),
new CLLocationCoordinate2D(10.12912, -97.313277),    

mapview.AddAnnotation (new SampleMapAnnotation (trail1));

Right now I am using MKAnnotation but realized I need to use the MKAnnotationView for custom image pins.

public class SampleMapAnnotation : MKAnnotation 
string _title;

public SampleMapAnnotation (CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinate)
Coordinate = coordinate;
_title = "Sample";

public override CLLocationCoordinate2D Coordinate { get; set; }

public override string Title
            get {
                return _title;
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It's not clear if your issue is going (a) from the webservice answer and a List<> similar to your hardcoded one (i.e. parsing) or (b) going from such a List<> and actually use it with some API ? –  poupou Mar 27 '12 at 19:31

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Have a look at the MapCallout sample from Xamarin. This is a C# port from the Objective-C sample by Apple. It will show you how to create image-based annotations and show them on a map.

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