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Hi created my first report using SQL Server reporting services 2008...

It summarizes call results numbers for a call center. It displays 3 columns: General Result, Detailed Result and Qty of Calls. It summarized at the General Result level, and then you can drill down in each value of General Result, to a Detailed Result Level. For example, a General Result value is "Technical Question" and a few Detailed Results for that is "Windows", "MAC", "Printer", etc. So each row in the table (actually a view) would be like this: "Technical Question", "Windows", 5 "Technical Question", "MAC", 3 "Technical Question","Printer",4 "Customer Service","Shipping",6 "Customer Service","Billing",2 etc

I want to add a column to the right with percentages. And also a row at the bottom with totals.

Ideas on how to do that?


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Use the report items collection in your expression.

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