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I have a module I created for a node.js app. The app also uses socket.io and I want to pass the socket.io object into the auction object when I create it.

This works when I do it outside of Node, but inside, I get the error 'object is not a function' - my guess is it has to do with the module.exports, but I'm sure what it would be.

Any suggestions would be awesome - thank you!


var Auction = function(socket) {
    this.data      = [];
    this.timer     = null;
    this.socket    = socket;

Auction.prototype = {

    add: function(auction) {

module.exports.Auction = Auction;


var  Auction          = require('./lib/auction');

var auctions = new Auction(socket);

Error: TypeError: object is not a function at Object.CALL_NON_FUNCTION_AS_CONSTRUCTOR (native)

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You are exporting an object with 1 property Auction

When you required the module, you imported an object which looks like

  Auction: function(){...}// Auction function

So either export just the function:

module.exports = Auction;

or reference the property when you require the module:

var  Auction = require('./lib/auction').Auction;

By default, module.exports is an empty object : {}

You can replace exports with a function. This will export just that function.

Or you can export many functions, variables, objects, by assigning them to exports. This is what you have done in your question: assigned the function Auction to the property Auction of exports.

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Perfect - thank you! –  dave Mar 27 '12 at 16:36
For me it only works if i require('./lib/auction').Auction(); with parentheses, any idea why? –  Tim Castelijns Jan 7 at 16:40

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