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the tabs are working fine but I need to trigger the NEXT and PREV buttons that currently don't make the tabs selected

cloud you help me with that?


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Take advantage of the existing click handler that you have. When you click next, manually trigger the click handler on the next tab, by calling .trigger('click'). I also put the changeTab code in a common call, so you don't have to replicate code in the next and previous click handlers:

function changeTab(next){
    var tabs = $('.tabmenu a');  // Get tab links
    var curTab = tabs.index($('.selected'));  // What link # is selected?
    var num = tabs.size();  // How many do we have?
    if(next) {
       // If next, add 1 (mod total, allows wrapping)
       newTab = (curTab+1)%num;
    } else {
       // If prev, sub 1 (add total, mod total, allows wrapping)
       newTab = (curTab+num-1)%num;
    // This manually "clicks" the next tab

    // call changeTab(); 1 means next

    // call changeTab();  0 means previous


That being said, jQuery UI provides a lot of functionality automatically. Is there a reason you aren't using it?

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the reason why I'm not using UI is cos I'm already using backbone and fey other things. UI sometimes is conflicting with them – DD77 Mar 28 '12 at 8:46

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