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For example in javascript

var image = new Image();
image.onerror = function(e) {
    // handle error my way
image.src = "http://bad.location.com/img.jp"

I've tried

return false

but the error is still logged to the console. Maybe this is not such a bad thing but what I'm doing is uploading files to the server and then processing them and loading the artifacts to S3. This all takes a long time. I do this in the background and return the S3 URL's to the browser early and use some javascript to ping the image urls using the image.onerror callback to detect if the image is arrived on S3 or not.

It all works but I get a load of console errors. This is a bit ugly. Is there any way to hide this.

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Sorry there is seemingly no way to suppress that error, at least in Google Chrome.

See also: Check if file exists but prevent 404 error in console from showing up

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