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I'm familiar with publishing/subscribing to predefined live video feeds on Adobe Flash Media Server. How can I allow users to create new streams dynamically? Meaning, instead of providing fixed feeds, users click on "Create Feed", enter a name, and then anyone would be able to publish/subscribe to that feed.

I'm not looking for a source-code (though obviously that would be nice). Rather, I'd like to understand what I need to do a high-level to get this to work.

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Answering my own question:

There is an alternative server called Wowza that lets you do the same thing as Adobe Flash Media Server except that server-side code is written in Java instead of Actionscript or Flex.

Creating new streams (actually chat rooms) dynamically is as simple as creating a new directory [wowza]/conf/[application-name] and populating it with Application.xml which you can generate on the fly (Application.xml is described by their usual manual).

In other words, you a client simply hits your web server with a request, the request creates the aforementioned configuration files and the client is then free to publish/subscribe to video streams off the new room you just created.

For more information, see the User Manual page 37 (section "Applications and Application Instances").

Application configuration is defined in an Application.xml file. When an application instance is loaded, it looks in the following locations for an Application.xml file (where [application] is the application name):


The first Application.xml file that's found is used.

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thanks for sharing the above information, I am trying to do something similar and got stuck. Can you help me out - after we create a new stream, how can we connect this newly created stream to an Application Instance and by choosing its MediaCaster type as LiveRepeater ? Thanks in advance :) – Manik Arora Jun 24 '15 at 10:47

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