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I want to pass parameters from one jsp to another.

I have tried using the post method, <jsp:forward/>, but it doesn't work.

I have created a <form> in html (parameters passed using POST), which is submitted to a servlet which processes the request and forwards it to another servlet that displays a page.

From this servlet i have created links to another jsp, passing through the parameters as GETs in the URL. However, I actually want to pass the parameters to another jsp using POST, and then pass it on to another jsp.

What solutions do you have or this problem?

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Welcome to Stack Overflow! In general, the more work you put into your question, being thorough and showing the actual code you've tried that hasn't worked, the better answers you'll get. Also, when writing or editing a question, take note of the handy How to Format box to the right of the text area, and the [?] link above it. Very useful information there (like how I fixed the <jsp:forward/> thing for you -- it wasn't showing up in your question originally). –  T.J. Crowder Mar 27 '12 at 17:07
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Check out the Request Dispatcher. You need to forward the request to the landing JSP.


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Sounds like you are creating a multipage form that gathers information from the user across several distinct pages. In that case one option is to use hidden fields on a form to store the previous values. This of course means that as the pages progress the amount of data passing back and forth from client to server increases.

You may consider a server side approach by storing the interim values in a database for instance, then only passing a token back to the client. When the next JSP page is submitted, use the token to look up the values in the database.

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JSP has built-in request object.when one jsp redirect to another jsp with some parameter, you can get parameter value using this request object.

String param1 = request.getParameter("parameter_name");


you can find example here -


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But this helps only when you pass parameters through a form, and not otherwise. –  Soumajyoti Jun 6 '13 at 11:36
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Why don't you call a page on the click of a submit button by creating an url in the below format (in javascript):- var url="your_page_name.jsp?value1="+encodeURIComponent(document.getElementById("your_text_field_or_any_other_field_id"));

and then call the page by using your url



and then use request.getParameter() method either in servlet or in the jsp that u'v metioned in the url (servlet or the jsp u'll be calling thorugh u'r jsp).

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