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Not seeing any results from a stored procedure call using Mssql

Connection appears to be working and I am not getting any error

However I am not seeing any new rows in the table

$stmt       = mssql_init('XXXXX');
mssql_bind($stmt, '@XXXXX', $XXXXX, SQLINT4, false, false);
mssql_bind($stmt, '@XXXXX', $XXXXX, SQLINT4, false, false);
mssql_bind($stmt, '@XXXXX', $XXXXX, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 32);
mssql_bind($stmt, '@XXXXX', $XXXXX, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 100);

The script seems to run fine and I am getting a success message, but no result

How can I debug the statement??

I have tried var_dump($stmt) but I am getting

Resource id #4

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Have you tried $result = mssql_execute($stmt); and inspect the value of $result? – Brian Driscoll Mar 27 '12 at 17:24
I turned on error level warning which I did not have set by default, and I found an issue with a value I was passing. Out of curiosity I dumped the $result and I got bool(true) . Would be nice if there was a way to debug the statement. Thanks for answering – user1019144 Mar 27 '12 at 18:13

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