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Running Rails 3.2.1 with devise-2.0.4.gem.

Is there an equivalent redirect configuration for user/commit similar to "after_sign_in_path_for"? In production, I have to use HTTPS so the URL for "Edit User" is https://www.xyz.com/users/edit. When I click "Update", the correct update takes place but then Devise redirects to "http://www.xyz.com/users/edit" which results in error loading page since HTTP is not supported in production.

I had a similar issue with sign in/out (http://groups.google.com/group/plataformatec-devise/browse_thread/thread/5fafb2a8c90f1d43) which I solved by defining after_sign_in_path_for. But I don't see such similar config for user edit/commit.

Then I tried to force HTTPS in routes.rb:
devise_scope :user do
get "users/edit", :to => "users/registrations#edit", :as => :edit_user, :protocol => "https"
put "users/commit", :controller => "users/registrations", :action => 'commit', :as => :commit_user, :protocol => "https"

And see this in rake routes:
edit_user GET /users/edit(.:format) users/ registrations#edit {:protocol=>"https"}
commit_user PUT /users/commit(.:format) users/registrations#commit {:protocol=>"https"}

But Devise still routes to HTTP after the update action.

Looking at registrations_controller.rb, I see several instances of
redirect_to edit_user_path
So as a work around, I change it to
redirect_to https://www.xyz.com/user/edit

And that is working. But I'm not sure if this is the correct approach.

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