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Please, need help. I'm searching for a LL(1) table-driven (non-recursive) generator. Can't find anything on Internet. All I found is a bunch of LR or recursive parsing generators :( Thanks in advance.

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I did some searching since LL(1) table-driven compilers with ANTLR or ANTLR3 and found several pages in one of my old compiler books. "The Theory and Practice of Compiler Writing" by Tremblay and Sorenson. 1985

It predates the dragon books.

Section 6-2 is 38 pages.

6-2 Top-Down Parsing with No Backup
6-2.1 Notions of Parsing with No Backup
6-2.2 Simple LL(1) Grammars
6-2.3 LL(1) Grammars without e-Rules
6-2.4 LL(1) Grammars with e-Rules
6-2.5 Error Handling for LL(1) Parsers


Found this: LL(1) Parser Applet


You might be able to find a copy of "The Theory and Practice of Compiler Writing" in a near by library using WorldCat

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Thanks a lot, but I'm looking for a generator to speed up the coding process. – Academia Mar 30 '12 at 14:36

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