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I would like to write: if the result of the difference of 2 DateTimes is longer than 3 hours then.... stuff in the if statement happens. But I only need properties in seconds or minutes, can I extract just that from the DateTime object?

  if(diffResult > DateTime.Hour(3))

I also want to know if its possible to divide DateTime by periods. Say I want to split my diffResult (which is the difference between 2 DateTimes) into 3 periods or perhaps for every 3 seconds my counter gets one added to it.

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For the first part: You can subtract two DateTimes to get a TimeSpan there you can get the total of various units - for example:

if ( (secondTime - firstTime).TotalMinutes > 180.0) ...

or you could use TimeSpan directly:

if (secondTime - firstTime > TimeSpan.FromHours(3)) ...

for the secondpart you have to do some calculation yourself:

var diff = secondTime - firstTime;
var period = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(diff.TotalSeconds / 3.0);
for (var time = firstTime; time < secondTime; time += period)
{ /* do your stuff */ }
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for (var time = firstTime; time < secondTime; time += period) { /* do your stuff */ } ---------- will this count the amount of periods in the difference between firsttime and secondtime? – GivenPie Mar 27 '12 at 18:37

U can compare using the follow code:

  DateTime dt = new DateTime();
                dt = DateTime.Now;
                int h = (int)DateTime.Now.Hour;
                if (dt.Hour == h )
                   //Do something
                   //do otherthing
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You can do this:

TimeSpan time = new TimeSpan(3, 0, 0);

if (date1.Subtract(date2) > time)


For the second, this article should be useful:

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The methods your asking about return integer results. What exactly is your question? DateTime.Hour(3) would not even compile.

I think you are looking for DateTime.Now.AddHours(3.0)

I should be clear, the only reason this answer is this sparse, is because of the invalid code in the author's question which. Since I don't attempt to guess at what people actually want, its up to the author, to clarify what he wants exactly.

All he has to do is subtract two DateTime values and compare it to a TimeSpan

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