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Does C++ has some built in timer class with same idea as .NET System.Threading.Timer


Or I need to implement it myself ? :-(. Maybe there is some library , plz.


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Most GUI frameworks will have one. –  TBohne Mar 27 '12 at 18:30

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Standard C++ does not have one built in.

If you are using the Win32 API, which seems likely if you are coming from .NET, there are various options, such as SetTimer (which requires a message loop), or CreateTimerQueueTimer (which does not require a message loop).

As said in the comments, most GUI frameworks will have an asynchronous timer available.

If you are looking for something more generic, or something that doesn't require a GUI framework (like the Win32 API), you should have a look at boost::asio.

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Might not be the same but boost has a deadline_timer in asio lib which is quite useful.


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No, C++ has no Timer class in the language with an interface like System.Threading.Timer.

You compared the language C++ with the .NET runtime library. But you may find a good library that includes a Timer implementation. Boost is a good candidate.

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