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I'm trying to install this Google sample project (tasks-android-sample): http://samples.google-api-java-client.googlecode.com/hg/tasks-android-sample/instructions.html

...but I'm getting unresolved classes. The project comes with jars but doesn't say which ones to include (in typical Google fashion) so through experimentation I managed to resolve most of the classes except these two:

import com.google.api.services.tasks.TasksRequest;
import com.google.api.services.tasks.model.Task;

Does anyone know which jars have these classes? I included every jar that came with the project, and set my target to Google APIs 8 as instructed by the docs (I tried other targets as well) but I can't resolve these classes.

Thanks in advance...

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Apparently, the whole project build/release life cycle is managed by Maven. the two import statements in the question is from google-api-services-tasks library.

You can find the latest version of jar file with source and javadoc at here.

If you use Maven, add the following to your pom.xml:


... ...


Note that the com.google.api.services.tasks.TasksRequest is introduced since version v1-1.3.0-beta-SNAPSHOT.

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