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I'm trying to build a simple slideshow-like effect using Phonon with PyQt. The "slideshow" will be made up of images and/or video, but the images should display for some fixed period of time. When I queue up an image in a MediaSource, it is displayed for only a short moment.

Phonon appears to support images via the backend (at least on OS X with Quicktime), but I haven't found anything documented to indicate this. The Phonon.BackendCapabilities.availableMimeTypes() function only returns audio and video formats; none of the formats I've successfully tested - JPEG, PNG - are listed.

I need to determine if a given MediaSource is an image or not, so I can tell the MediaOjbect to pause for some given period of time. Of course I can make a big list of known image format extensions, and check the filename of the media - but this is kludgy. How can I do this with Phonon?

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Phonon (from everything I've read) is designed for displaying individual audio/video files so I would guess if you want a slideshow you'd have to display images in the normal Qt way rather than using Phonon for them.

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