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In Python, using the first "truthy" value of several candidates can be written in the form:

result = a or b or c

...which avoids any need for repetition or variable assignment when dealing with result of function calls:

result = get-candidate() or get-default()

Is a terse, performant, readable equivalent available in XQuery?

The best I can come up with (without relying on the engine to optimize multiple calls to get-candidate() down to one, which may not be possible at all if it does something like an external HTTP or SQL transaction) is something akin to the following:

let $a := get-candidate()
return if($a) then $a else get-default()

...particularly if this is being repeated a number of times, it's not very pretty.

What's the best terse, readable approach?

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If your candidate will either be a single item or an empty sequence, you can use the following notation:

(get-candidate(), get-default())[1]

Otherwise, you'll probably have to stick with the verbose representation.

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Thanks, Christian! Does this short-circuit the call to get-default() if get-candidate() returns a result? –  Charles Duffy Mar 27 '12 at 20:15
I actually think that's up to the implementation to descide, the spec allows both lazy (and thus short-circuiting) and eager evaluation strategies. In BaseX the construct is currently evaluated lazily, so get-default() won't be called. –  Leo Wörteler Mar 27 '12 at 21:32

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