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I am currently working on a way to load a bunch of different NPCs from a file and loading it into my game. I have everything working correctly with arrays but I would like to change it to using a vector since I can change the size in case I need more NPCs than the space available in the array and so I don't just have a mostly empty array if I dont need many NPCs at the current time. Note that the following code is from a testing program, not my actual programming. I made it so I dont mess with the complete project by accident.

int main()
char input;
bool Running = true;
NPC Creatures[MAX_NPCS];

//InitCreatures loads the X, Y and Type from the file. I know with vectors I have to
//resize it as I go along, Which would be included in the function.
if(Creatures[MAX_NPCS].InitCreatures(Creatures) == false)
    return 0;

while(Running == true)
    cout << "(C)heck an NPC, (A)ttack and NPC or (E)xit the program\n";
    cin >> input;
        case 'C': Creatures[MAX_NPCS].Check(Creatures); break;
        case 'c': Creatures[MAX_NPCS].Check(Creatures); break;
        //The Check function just shows the X, Y and Type of the NPC
        case 'A': Creatures[MAX_NPCS].Attack(Creatures); break;
        case 'a': Creatures[MAX_NPCS].Attack(Creatures); break;
        //Attack shows X, Y and type and then removes that NPC from the array.
        case 'E': Running = false; break;
        case 'e': Running = false; break;
        default: cout << "That was not a valid input\n"; break;

cout << "Exiting\n";
return 0;

Really the only problem I am having is getting Main to run the NPC Class functions from a vector instead of using the Array like I have now. I can easily change the other things in the functions I'm calling to accept the vector and handle it correctly.

When trying to use a vector to run the functions I was only able to call them when I had something like this:


Of course when I call them like that the values don't return correctly and I usually get an error and Besides I don't know how many NPCs will be loaded for the current map, if Any.

Any help with this would be appreciated. I realize I am a newbie when it comes to programming, especially when it comes to Vectors. If my function code is needed I will gladly post it.

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Erm, an access like Creatures[MAX_NPCS] is undefined behaviour. You only have indices up to MAX_NPCS-1 available. – Xeo Mar 27 '12 at 21:03
Oh oops, Good catch. Kind of also why I want vectors. But I feel like I'm not understanding them correctly. Anyway the functions have protection that keeps you from adding too many NPCs and does it properly :P – Mattycaeks Mar 27 '12 at 21:18
std::vector is nothing more than a good packaged dynamic array. Just .push_back things into it, and get them with normal array access (operator[]). What does your programming book say about it? – Xeo Mar 27 '12 at 21:30
Yeah, basically what I understood is that a vector is a resizable array. Which is why I wanted to use it for this program. Since I dont know exactly how many NPCs there will be per map. So exactly how would I run my functions from the vector? The current array set up works fine with storing the X, Y and type of the NPC. But I cant get the vector to call the commands unless I specify how many NPCs there are beforehand, which I wont know until InitCreatures is called. – Mattycaeks Mar 27 '12 at 21:53
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You could just create a vector and have the first element in there to be able to call the InitCreatures function (you could also overwrite the first creature later).

vector<NPC> Creatures(1);

I'm assuming that in class you have the parameter passed by reference.

bool InitCreatures(vector<NPC>& x) { ... }

But since you give creatures as a parameter to every function you have (do you need it in check or attack?) - wouldn't it be better to have a class to hold the NPC vector?

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That works up until the point when I need to add more to the vector. Since all the NPC's are loaded within that function how do I resize the vector. If I try to in the function then well, my computer doesn't like it. – Mattycaeks Mar 28 '12 at 17:45
Ah, nevermind. It seems to have been something else. For some odd reason its working fine now. I just forgot to change some things when converting from Arrays I think. Thank you for your help! – Mattycaeks Mar 28 '12 at 18:08

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