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After the web method is called, a XML string is returned as the response. the android side code is like that :

SoapPrimitive response = (SoapPrimitive) ws.envelope.getResponse();

and the xml is like:

<string xmlns="">
[{"ID":"","float_latitude":22.338,"float_longitude":114.169},          {"ID":"","float_latitude":22.33974,"float_longitude":114.169456},    {"ID":"","float_latitude":22.3384857,"float_longitude":114.1691},    {"ID":"","float_latitude":50,"float_longitude":100}]

I want to get

  1. the number of id returned
  2. save the lat and long with regards to id to my local variables
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O man. First of all your response isn't XML it is JSON. The way I parse JSON is first build a generic object.

 public class yourObject{

  private String id; 
  private double lat;
  private double lng; 

From there build out a collection an arraylist should be fine.

  ArrayList<yourObject> objects = new ArrayList<yourObject>(); 

After that do some research into JSON here is some starter code.

 JSONArray myAwarry = new JSONArray(response);

pass in the string that gets returned from the server eg response.

iterate through the array

 for(int i = 0; i < myAwarry.length(); i++){
 JSONObject o = myAwarry.get(i); 
 yourObject obj = new yourObject(); 
 //add the obj to the collections of objects


Hope this helps

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it work perfectly for me! i have searched how to parse ksoap2 xml many times and cant find the solution coz i messed up xml and json. thanks you very much again – Chleung49 Mar 27 '12 at 23:23
No problem I'm glad I was able to help. – JakeWilson801 Mar 28 '12 at 0:10

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