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I want to generate a Css that will be the same for all my items execept for especific thing like color or image... I wonder if I can do something like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://site.com/styles.aspx?id=123">

Just for testing I try something simple like this: ASPX:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="WebForm5ToCss.aspx.cs" Inherits="WebApplication1.WebForm5ToCss" EnableViewState="false" %>
    color: red;

Code Behind:

public partial class WebForm5ToCss : System.Web.UI.Page
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Response.ContentType = "text/plain";
//Get the ID, check database or files and change the style

but doesn't work for me. any ideas? What I am doing instead is separating the smallest part of css that is different by items from the big style. "like" skeleton pattern so I don't repeat myself. And maybe I continue doing that because of performance... but I want to know anyway how to do it in this other way.

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content type should be text/css. Set CSS file for the page at OnInit event –  Zerotoinfinity Mar 27 '12 at 22:01
Here the list complete of mime types: utoronto.ca/webdocs/HTMLdocs/Book/Book-3ed/appb/mimetype.html –  Jaider Apr 5 '12 at 19:28

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Not sure if this will fix it, but you should change your content type to "text/css".

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