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I have the following step:

Then I should see an error message

with identical definition:

Then /^I should see an error message$/ do
    page.should have_selector('#flash_alert', text: 'Invalid')

in two different features: admin_sign_in.feature and user_login.feature.

Where should I place the definition properly?

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Make a new file.

Call it something like flash_message_steps.rb or error_steps.rb or anything else you like. I would suggest something generic though, calling it admin_steps.rb or user_steps.rb doesn't really make sense. All the files in the step_definitions folder are auto-loaded. Just be sure to define it once only as duplicate definitions for the same step will raise an ambiguity error.

I would also recommend making your step more generic, something like:

Then /^I should see an error message containing "([^\"]*)"$/ do |message|
    page.should have_selector('#flash_alert', text: message)

You can then use the same definition to test multiple errors:

Then I should see an error message containing "Invalid"

Then I should see an error message containing "You must sign in first"
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Thank you for good explanation. –  Sergey Alekseev Mar 28 '12 at 7:44
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