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i'm looking to convert/translate an existing macruby script that runs as a statusbar app. so far, i have methods that do what i want within the class (setting preferences, opening a web page, scraping a page for details, etc.).

the basics are here: statusbar app

my goal is to distribute this app internally, but all clients are virtually guaranteed not to have the macruby framework installed.

macrubyc in version 0.10 appears to be unable to compile a static binary.

so how should i setup my xcode project and interface elements to perform the same functionality the standalone script has now? i'm below novice with objective-c/cocoa, so i'm fumbling along there as well.

i appreciate any guidance.

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If 0.10 is an issue, use the nightly build and make sure to embed MacRuby. See the wiki entry on embedding MacRuby: https://github.com/macruby/macruby/wiki/Embeds-the-MacRuby-into-your-Application

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