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We need to simulate MDI windows in a WPF application.

The core functionality that we require is that that it is pinned to its parent, moves when the window moves, minimized with it and such. We also need to have it be able to be given a WPF control as its parent and clip within its bounds. Essentially our application is designed to be run full screen, containing with application button bars running along the top and sides along with a status bar that runs along the bottom. The MDI windows must live within the remaining space and not overlap the button bars or status bar.

We have found a project for DragCanvas that we used and they built our own UserControl that looked like a standard window. We set the entire usable area, the area not occupied by button bars and the status bar, to be the drag canvas. Then we added our custom window lookalike as a child of the drag canvas.

This gave us the essentially funcitonality that we require, however, it is extremely slow to move around and even entering data in the textboxes within the window has a huge lag. We will be deploying the application on laptop, some of which may be upwards of 4 years old. I am testing on a fairly new i7 machine, and it is slow for me. Espectially once you add multiple MDI windows to the drag canvas.

What are other people out there using? Any ideas why our implementation of the DragCanvas control would result in such a slow moving window. Sometimes the mouse pointer is more than an inch ahead of the window when moving back and forth.

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This link could help you


In addition,an interesting a discussion MDIWindow - Tab Bases interfaces (which approach is better) is at

WPF MDI children

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