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I have a form that has it's elements loaded via Ajax in the following html structure.

<div id="form-wrapper"><form id="myform" action="#" method="post">

//form elements loaded via ajax.


I am using the following code to display a warning message when user navigates away from the page with unsaved data on it. This does not work.

function confirm_page_unload(on) {
window.onbeforeunload = (on) ? confirm_page_navigate_dialog : null;
function confirm_page_navigate_dialog() {
return 'You have entered data on the current page. Navigating away without first   saving your data will result in all changes to be lost.';
jQuery('#myform:input').on('change', '#form-wrapper', function() { confirm_page_unload(true); });

It appears to me that the issue pertains to the form elements being loaded via ajax. How can I get this to work. I am using jQuery 1.7, hence I have used on().

Regards, John

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You need to swap #myform:input with #form-wrapper in your .on call. The first item should be the static container on your page that does not change after the initial DOM load.

On closer look, perhaps you meant #myform :input? In other words, an input inside of myform, not myform itself. So try this:

jQuery('#form-wrapper').on('change', '#myform :input', function() { confirm_page_unload(true); });
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Swapping the selectors and adding the space resolved the issue. And btw, I was intending the input inside of the form. I appreciate the help! –  John Mar 28 '12 at 0:13
Glad I could help! –  Dan A. Mar 28 '12 at 0:16

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