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Here is a screenshot of mysql explain command on a common query: http://cl.ly/3r34251M320A1P2s3e1Y

I have 3 different tables I have to join together to extract the data I want. This is the main CI model code using activerecord

    $this->db->select('articles.id, articles.title, articles.link, articles.updated_time, articles.created_time, shows.network,shows.show_id, shows.name');
    $this->db->join('labels', 'articles.remote_id = labels.articleid');
    $this->db->join('shows', 'shows.show_id = labels.showid');

Can anyone suggest any ways to improve the schema or query performance?


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What makes your query slower is mysql use of temporary tables and filesort which means it can't efficiently use the index and creates a temporary table (many times on disk!). It usually happen when you join a table using one index and sort it by another index or use a condition on another index. First thing you can do is read about this issue and see if you can, at least, avoid the use of temporary disk tables. How mysql uses temp tables

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