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i have tried looking online but had no luck, How i could delete all records in an adotable in button click, which match a varying criteria. For example i want to be able to delete all records in an adotable where Labour_ID (this is a field name within the adotable) is equal to DBedit.Text.

sorry this is a bit vague, but suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

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You can delete the rows with a simple loop:

while ADOTable1.Locate('Labour_ID', Edit1.Text, []) do

Better yet is to use a TADOQuery instead, and do it with SQL:

ADOQuery1.SQL.Text := 'DELETE FROM YourTable WHERE Labour_ID = :Labour_ID';
ADOQuery1.Params.ParamByName('Labour_ID').AsString := Edit1.Text;

See the Delphi documentation on TDataSet.Locate for info on the last LocateOptions parameter. (The link is to XE2's docs, but it hasn't changed much (if at all) for ADO since D7).

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Thank you, this worked well for me –  user1277240 Mar 28 '12 at 0:24

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