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I'm working on an XPages Mobile app using mobile controls from Extension Library.

My hope page is a menu leading to 4 different mobilePages.

I get this this is 1 XPage and we're dealing with "Virtual Pages". But is there a way to clear viewScope variables and document bindings as you go back and forth between virtual pages?

For instance. In one of my pages I ask the user for some data. 3 Fields stored in viewScope Variables. Using that I then have a button to Create a new document which gets bound to a panel and then I do things with it.

If the user hits "back" from the menu bar, to go to the Home screen and then goes back to the same page I want to clear everything and start all over.

setting resetContent= true doesn't do anything here.

My virtual page is a custom control and I tried to clear everything on beforePageLoad but that wiped it all during a manual refresh.

I tried hooking into the rendered property of the back button but that fired during a full page refresh. Possibly I could live with partial refreshes but someone might still manually refresh it.

Any way to get this ability inside the single page app mobile context?


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Maybe the answer to this question can help:… – Per Henrik Lausten Mar 28 '12 at 7:23

See the following XSnippet on for your answer and a worked example - have fun! BTW: this is something we want to support on the Mobile App Page in an upcoming release - for now you can use the worked example I provide on XSnippets!

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thanks Tony! That looks like that will do it. Once I test for sure I'll mark the answer correct. – David Leedy Mar 29 '12 at 18:43

Have you tried using requestScope for the virtual page bindings? From your description, it sounds like this would be the correct scope to use.

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Thanks Tommy. I did try that and values were getting discarded too quickly. – David Leedy Mar 29 '12 at 18:42

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