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Newbie question here.

I have two models which are related to each other:

class Relationship < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :source_item_id, :target_item_id
  belongs_to :target_item, :class_name => "Item"
  belongs_to :source_item, :class_name => "Item"
  belongs_to :user


class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :address

Now, within my form, I already know the source_item_id. I want to be able to enter an address into the form, and create both a target_item, and the associated Relationship.

<%= form_for @new_relationship do |f| %>

    <% @new_relationship.source_item_id = @current_item.id %>
    <%= f.hidden_field :source_item_id %>       

    <%= f.submit "New Relationship" %>
<% end %>
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You generally do the relationship in the controller and let the form just collect the data. If you are asking how to have a form with two models, check out this post here. I hope I understood your question right !!!

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