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I am getting strange warnings in xcode and from what I have read they mean I have to update my compiler to a CLANG based one. However I am not sure how to do this.

My question is how do I update my compiler to a ClANG compiler.

enter image description here

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Are you getting a project update warning? That's the easiest way to fix it. –  CodaFi Mar 28 '12 at 2:09
I got the warning update.. but its updated it to a weird version LLVM GCC 4.2 which is causing my xcode to crash when I try to compile my app... –  C.Johns Mar 28 '12 at 2:10
I have obviously done something wrong.. so frustrating. –  C.Johns Mar 28 '12 at 2:11
LLVM is the CLANG compiler. –  CodaFi Mar 28 '12 at 2:14
oh. LOL dangit.. well then I have a bunch of errors saying Expected a property attribute before 'strong' –  C.Johns Mar 28 '12 at 2:19

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I'll you are using the CLANG compiler if you are using LLVM because CLANG is an LLVM front-end.

EDIT: The old CLANG+GCC 4.2 does NOT support ARC, only LLVM versions since summer 2011. Switch to LLVM only and run again.

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No my compiler source list is completely up to date. I just triple checked it. –  C.Johns Mar 28 '12 at 2:23
Well, that last comment of yours seems like it'll fix the majority of the errors. –  CodaFi Mar 28 '12 at 2:27
no. I still have about 84 errors all saying "Expected a property attribute before 'strong' I am trying to figure out how to fix them.. –  C.Johns Mar 28 '12 at 2:29
Yeah, you're using an old version of GCC then. Look under 'Compiler Version' in build settings. –  CodaFi Mar 28 '12 at 2:32
I cannot find compiler version under build settings.. I can only see it under build options in build settings. I have an image in my question showing you what I can see. –  C.Johns Mar 28 '12 at 2:43

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