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In some iOS code, I have an C struct ivar on an object. One of the members of this struct is of type double. If I, within a method, assign to this struct member, the debugger reports spurious values for the value of this struct member when I print the struct itself (as does the list view of variables), but when I print the struct member directly, (p structWithDouble.doubleMember), I get the right value. Furthermore, If I assign the value of this member to a local, automatic double var, I see the correct value in the list view and when printing.

I imagine this is an issue with LLDB, but it's unsettling and frustrating. Is this a known issue? If so, is there a workaround?


typedef struct {
    double doubleMember;
} structWithDouble;

@interface MyClass : NSObject {
    structWithDouble structAsIvar;


- (void)someMethod {
    structAsIvar.doubleMember = 200.0;
    double localDouble = structAsIvar.doubleMember;

Inside someMethod:, the debugger variable list shows the following values:

structAsIvar.doubleMember (double) 1.65865e-307
localDouble               (double) 200

Over in LLDB, I get the following output when breaking in someMethod::

(lldb) p structAsIvar.doubleMember
(double) $4 = 200

(lldb) p structAsIvar
(structAsIvar) $5 = {
  (double) doublemember = 1.17244e-312

(lldb) p localDouble
(double) 200

(lldb) p self->structAsIvar.doubleMember
(double) 200


I've found that none of this behavior happens when using GDB. Apparently LLDB just isn't ready yet... I'm still be interested in a workaround for LLDB, though.

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FYI, your first and last links are the same. I've also encountered this issue. They may be related, but as opposed to the behavior in the accepted answer of the first question, NSLog() gives the same output as the debugger. However, since the side effects I'm expecting are occurring, I know the value really is 200 despite what NSLog() or the debugger say. –  GarlicFries Mar 28 '12 at 15:31

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It looks like this is fixed in Xcode 4.5's lldb (lldb-167.2):

(lldb)  p structAsIvar.doubleMember
(double) $5 = 200
(lldb)  p structAsIvar
(structWithDouble) $6 = {
  (double) doubleMember = 200
(lldb) p localDouble
(double) $7 = 200
(lldb) p self->structAsIvar.doubleMember
(double) $8 = 200

I'm not sure exactly which release had the fix; it's likely Xcode 4.4 also works correctly but I don't have that at hand to test right now.

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