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Sometimes I have call with 6 different teams at a time. In this call I should be able to add all incoming calls on master phone in conference.

I also want a provision of handling the people in conference such that if two teams shouldn't need the info we are now sharing then they should be put on hold or music should be hear by those.

I want to handle these things through software.

How can I make these things work. What all requirements are there. What kind of phone, language, hardware is required.

Is it Possible.

Please let me know ASAP.

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There are a number of conferencing services available that would allow you to setup conferences and control them from a web browser. A freely available service is http://www.freeconference.com/. The free ones do not appear to allow controlling users in the conference (i.e. mute certain users). Some of the paid for services may allow you to do this, like LiveMeeting and WebEx.

To build your own conferencing application I would us Call Control XML (CCXML). Voxeo has a great platform for running CCXML applications that you can try out for free. This is cloud based telephony service and the beauty of this approach is that there are no hardware requirements. The language required is CCXML and your favorite web development language since CCXML is a W3C standard. The documentation on Voxeo provides good examples on how to create a conference.

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hi, thanks for reply, but before going in deep to study theses all topics i wanted to know whether this will accept call from any mobile or land line phone. –  lAH2iV Mar 28 '12 at 14:54
Yes, it will accept calls from any mobile or land line phones. You can even set it up to accept calls from VoIP/SIP phones. –  Kevin Junghans Mar 28 '12 at 15:16
hi, I have gone through the links, I used one of there existing templates but I was unable to contact the given VOIP number. It has one option that region from where callers will call, In that tab India is not available. What was the mistake due to which i was failing . –  lAH2iV Mar 29 '12 at 12:52
If you are referring to the Voxeo Service for CCXML then use their Forum on the developer site to report any issues. They have an excellent support team that will respond quickly to any issues, even if you are a developer and not paying for the service. –  Kevin Junghans Mar 29 '12 at 14:00

This is certainly possible. I would recommend using a cloud telephony platform such as Aculab Cloud. In stead of VXML/CXML you can use high level languages such as Python or .NET to write the conferencing solution you describe.

It is free to open a developer account, where you can access free sample code. Once you are ready to run your system you simply pay per minute for when calls are handled (you don't need to buy any specialist hardware or software).

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