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I have made some code to do this, but as It doesn't work. I am only a beginner so I may be doing this completely wrong or i may have missed something out. Either way please tell me. Here is the code I have got.

[item setAction:(SEL)action {
    	[window makeKeyAndOrderFront:NSApp];
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It looks like you're trying to make an anonymous function. AFAIK, Obj-C has no support for these. Basically want you want to do is define action as a proper method:

[item setAction:@selector(action:)];

    [window makeKeyAndOrderFront:self];  

Also, I'm not sure why you're passing NSApp to makeKeyAndOrderFront:. The full signature is - (void)makeKeyAndOrderFront:(id)sender, so passing self is usually most appropriate (although I'm not even sure what that input does!).

I suggest you work through a few tutorials to familiarize yourself with Obj-C and Cocoa.

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Actually, NSApp is the shared application instance, of type NSApplication. – Alex Rozanski Jun 13 '09 at 8:35
Oh cool, didn't know that! I'll edit my post to reflect that. Thanks! To think, all this time I've been using [NSApplication sharedApplication]! – Rich Catalano Jun 13 '09 at 17:39

The SEL data type refers to a selector, which is a way of referring to a method in a class. What you have to do is define a method in your target object's class:

- (void)doSomething:(id)sender {
    [window makeKeyAndOrderFront:sender];

and call your control's setAction: method like this:

[item setAction:@selector(doSomething:)];

It looks like you need to bone up on the basics of Cocoa, however. May I suggest Apple's Getting Started guide

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