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Now i use twisted.soap to build my soap server, I'd like to build a function with plural arguments like this:

def soap_searchFlight(self,name=None,startpoint=None,destination=None):
    print "name"+name
    print "startpoint"+startpoint
    print "destination"+destination
    print requestdic
    return d.result

and I wrote a script to test :

    import SOAPpy
    import twisted
    p = SOAPpy.SOAPProxy('http://localhost:7080/')
    print p.searchFlight(name='3548',startpoint="北京飞机场",destination="上海飞机场")

It gives me back like this:


it looks like the args order are totally wrong so what happens and how can i ensure the right order ?

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But if i call the method like this way it works fine:p.searchFlight('3548',"北京飞机场","上海飞机场") – Daemoneye Mar 28 '12 at 7:53
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Without seeing functions.searchFlight, it's a little hard to tell, but it appears that you're passing a dict to in in a callback, then assuming that the items in the dict are in a particular order (they're not).

Change the signature of functions.searchFlight to take a tuple, and call it with a tuple in the order you want. (or pass in an ordered dict...or don't assume the dict's items are in the order that you created it in).

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