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After several test i decided use scaleimage method of imagick for reduce images, the problem is because i want to get a square image and some of the images to process are rectangular.

To make it square i placed a blank square image as background after the scaled image, this point took me 4 second per image and it's too much.

        // Create an image
        $scaledimage = new Imagick();

        // Set as black

        //Scale the image
        $scaledimage->scaleImage(500,500,true); // I need the same aspect

        // Create an image
        $image = new Imagick();

        // Set as white

        // compose an image onto another

        // Clone
        $scaledimage = clone $image;

Do you known how could i do to make the scaled image square without use this approach.

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What is average file size you are scaling? –  piotrekkr Mar 28 '12 at 7:02
Between 50kb to 100kb but i run it in a vps with has 1.2ghz of usable cpu, scaling the image take 0.023 seconds, but composite around of 4 seconds. –  michael Mar 28 '12 at 12:47

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