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I would like to center a text element (in this case, the h2 sub-headline) by having it ignore the floated image to the left. My preference would be for the h2 sub-headline to vertical center-align with the h1 headline. Is there any way to do this with CSS alone?
Here is a sample layout:
Note: the width and height of the sample image may change.

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You want to ignore the floating element? That's possible, however, I would not recommend this, as this will create an ugly result if your h2 headline is to wide:


.wrapper h2{
.wrapper h2 + p{

Note that this solution will have the h2 border on top of the image. You can prevent this by using position:relative;z-index:4 on your floating image.

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Thank you very much. Just what I wanted. (note: the green h2 border was not intentional for the final layout). Fantastic! – modern4life Mar 28 '12 at 6:17

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