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What is the relevance of JSR and how does one optimizes it for one's use?

I read something like jsr82 for bluetooth and some other for other technical apps.

What's its relevance?

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JSRs are Java Specification Requests, basically change requests for the Java language, libraries and other components.

It's all part of the Java Community Process, whereby interested parties can put forward their ideas for enhancements and (hopefully) have them taken up and acted upon. The process is detailed here.

For example, the Bluetooth one you mention is tracked here and the definitive list is maintained here.

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Another way to explain it is by analogy to IETF's RFCs ("Request for Comments") or W3C's "Recommendations" that eventually become standards. –  LarsH Feb 18 at 17:51

Java Specification Requests (JSRs) are the actual descriptions of proposed and final specifications for the Java platform. At any one time there are numerous JSRs moving through the review and approval process.

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