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I want to learn DirectShow & MediaFoundation programming right from basics. Help needed on training resources (Website links, etc..).

What all prerequisites should one have to start with DirectShow & MF programming.

I think I must have COM programming basics for this. Since I need to quickly ramp up with DirectShow & MF, it would be very helpful if one can kindly let me know which part of COM should I know to do with DShow & MF programming. (As I don't have much time, I need to quickly do with COM so that I can spare more time ramping up DirectShow & MF).

Helping me with Training links on COM would also be very helpful.

I am a fresher to COM,MFC, DirectShow,Media foundation etc..... (Training links provided keeping this in mind would very helpful to ramp up from basics)

Thanks in advance.

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Here's a good book for getting started with Media Foundation http://www.docstoc.com/docs/109589628/Developing-Microsoft-Media-Foundation-Applications#.

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Multimedia API have not been drawing sufficient attention to result in books. There are no good resources for MF that I am aware of due to limited interest to Media Foundation, and a good book for DirectShow is the question brought up many times over years - you will find answers DirectShow introduction presentations and in other topics and sites. Additionally, you will perhaps want to get some basic introduction into digital video/audio such as with a book mentioned here Video Editing Books

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