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I'm implementing a call to NServiceBus.Send() inside a MVC 4 Web API Service call. I'm doing this in .Net 4, so I don't have access to C# 5 features (async, etc.).

I'm very new to Moq, so I'd appreciate some advice creating the correct way to Setup Moq for this. I did look at [Mocking a delegate wrapper using Moq][1] and [Testing Bus Send in an application using NServiceBus][2] but my understanding of Moq is still to primitive to adapt for my testing needs, especially with the Tasks involved to deal with the asynchronous calls:

    public Task<HttpResponseMessage> Post(Command command)
        var commandCompletion = new TaskCompletionSource<HttpResponseMessage>();
        var commandCompletionTask = commandCompletion.Task;

        Bus.Send(command).Register<CommandResult>(status =>
                                var response = new HttpResponseMessage { StatusCode = HttpStatusCode(status) };

        return commandCompletionTask;

I run into trouble because I don't know how to reference the commandCompletionTask within the mockedBus... My failed attempt looks like this:

 _commandController = new CommandController(MockBus.Object);
  MockBus.Setup(b => b.Send(It.IsAny<ICommand>()).Register<CommandResult>((Action<CommandResult> s) => 
                var response = new HttpResponseMessage { StatusCode = HttpStatusCode(s) };

Writing this allowed my brain to come up with a couple of ideas...

  1. To Moq TaskCompletionSource, but that doesn't have an interface, so can't be Moq'd apparently.
  2. To use a real TaskCompletionTask, (which allows me to test for the Task returned from CommandController.Post()). Sadly this didn't work any better, as I get an error from LINQ as it tries to process the delegate.


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Would it be possible to shim something in between and have a sync version of Post for testing purposes? –  Adam Fyles Mar 28 '12 at 14:08
I could, but part of the point is to Mock IBus so that it acts like the real IBus when interacting with the API Call and then I can test to see that the API call does what it does. One of the problems here is that there is no good persistent storage as far as I can tell with MVC WebAPI. There's an example on NServiceBus' page that shows a test for IBus.Send() within MVC that uses ViewBag to hold request state. There's no similar thing in MVC WebAPI. –  Daniel Corbett Mar 29 '12 at 2:33

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