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Here I've a controller with 4 actions and i wanna apply application layout ( the default layout ) to new action only , or in other words i wanna except only index action from the layout so i write this but it doesn't work, the index template is rendering with the layout.

class SessionsController < ApplicationController

    layout 'application', :except => :index

    def index

    def new

    def create

    def destroy


also I tried

layout 'application', :only => :new

but it doesn't work too, same problem which the index template is rendering with layout. any suggestions what's the problem here?

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You can create a method to define your layout and fix your layout only on new action

layout :my_layout

def my_layout
  params[:action] == 'new' ? 'application' : nil
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Well, it works!! but do you have any idea why layout 'application', :except => :index doesn't work?? btw this way layout 'false', :except => :new works too – Azzurrio Mar 28 '12 at 8:23
i think it's because in my case I fix layout to nil in all case instead of new action. But with using :except or :only, it's the inherited layout used in other case. – shingara Mar 28 '12 at 8:30

Here's code that you can use in your controllers:

layout :resolve_layout


def resolve_layout
  if %w(index show).include?(action_name)
  elsif %w(show).include?(action_name)

Basically, treat those arrays as your :only statements for layout that you are giving them if they are evaluated as true when compared with current action_name.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this allows :only, :except, etc.

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