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I'm using PyDev 2.4 on Aptana Studio 3.0.9.

In a specific script, I have a couple of imports. Illustrated:

from setupenv import setupenv

from front.models.source import Source

Organizing the imports will cause the order to be rearranged, so that the setupenv() call comes after the Source import - which will then fail.

Is there any way to circumvent this behaviour, in such a way that imports will be auto discovered, but not rearranged in such a way that the setupenv() call will be moved?

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Instead of loading and calling setupenv.. just make your module automatically run it on import..



class SetupEnv():
    def __init__(self):
        print "I'm SetupEnv"

class SetupEnvWrapper:

    print "These happen at import time."
    setup = SetupEnv()

    def __init__(self):
        print "I'm SetupEnvWrapper"

When you import those guys..

$ python -mSetupEnv
These happen at import time.
I'm SetupEnv
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