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I have a List of keys say 'ListA'. And a map of keys & list say 'MapA'. I need to iterate the 'ListA' & for every key need to get its value from 'MapA'. And those values serve as the model for dataTable.

For this purpose,I'm using h:datatable inside ui:repeat.

<ui:repeat var="entry" value="#{bean.sampleDTO.sampleList}"
        <td><h:datatable value="#{[#{entry.key}]}" var="row">
                    // something

Please consider the value of datatable:


The issue is that the key is a variable which I get from #{entry.key}. #{[#{entry.key}]} is an invalid EL expression as 2 # can't be used.

Thanks, Tarun Madaan

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for the el expression : try this


you dont need to use #{} inside #{}

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