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My problem can be summed up by making this simple command works :

nice -n 10 "ls|xargs -I% echo \"%\""

Which fails :

nice: ls|xargs -I% echo "%": No such file or directory

Removing the quotes makes it works, but my point is to wrap multiple quoted commands into one to do something more complex like :

nice -n 19 ls $dirinputtopush | xargs -I% "lftp $ftphost -e \"mirror -R $dirinputtopush% $ftpoutputdirrecent ;quit\"; sleep 10"
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Try using nice -n 10 bash -c 'your; commands | or_complex pipelines' as command. This way bash is the binary and the string after -c contains a sequence interpreted by bash so it can contain pipelines, loops etc. Watch out for proper quoting. You need to do it this way because nice expects a binary, not expressions interpreted by the shell. In contrast, shell builtins such as time (but not /usr/bin/time which is a separate binary) will accept shell expressions as the command to execute. They can because they're built into the shell. nice is not, so it requires a binary to execute.

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Children inherit nice value:

nice -n 10 bash -c 'ls | xargs -I% echo %'

Nice each command separately:

nice -n 10 ls | nice -n 10 xargs -I% echo %
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Thanks, your answer was helpful but less detailed and post a bit after @Michal's one, so I accept it rather than your. –  AsTeR Mar 28 '12 at 22:35

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