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I would like to refresh the view of the latest fragment in backstack. (All my fragments are added to backstack)

What I tried is:

Firstly, find the latest fragment from backstack:

Fragment currentFragment = null;

try {
    currentFragment = fragmentManager.findFragmentById(R.id.fragment_placeholder);
    return currentFragment;
} catch (NullPointerException e) {
    return currentFragment;

Secondly, pop the latest fragment from backstack:

fragmentManager.popBackStack(); //did I do wrong here??

finally, add the fragment to backstack again:

fragmentTransaction.replace(R.id.fragment_placeholder, currentFragment, fragmentName);



But,when I run the above procedure, I end up with blank page. It seems the displayed(latest) fragment get removed, but not add back. Why? How to refresh fragment view? (I do this because my locale is changed, and need to refresh the displayed fragment view)

============2nd way I tried==============

After I get the latest fragment currentFragment, I also tried to call onCreateView() directly in order to refresh the view:

currentFrag.onCreateView(getLayoutInflater(), null, null);

but I got NullPointerException.

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