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In Lua 5.2 we can add a serious incremental garbage collector and a goto statement to the Lua 5.0 feature list. I would really like to read about how they implemented them (without digging too much in the source).

So, is there a document like the one for 5.0 available for 5.2 somewhere?

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There is a presentation about Lua 5.2 novelties by Roberto Ierusalimschy. Although it does not give details about garbage collection, there is a slide describing the implementation of goto (slide 17).

If you need more details, I guess you will need to take a look at the source (it's actually pretty readable).

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Lua 5.1 introduced incremental garbage collection.

Lua 5.2 introduced generational garbage collection as an experimental feature.

But, no, there is no document on this implementation.

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